March 6, 2009

NCSW 4 of 4

OK this is the last post on North Country Studio Workshops. Here are some pictures from the campus of Bennington College where the workshop was held.

The classes were held in a building called VAPA (Visual Arts Performing Arts) The building was made of wood that has weathered and looks great.

NCSW 3 of 4

If I could have taken a class there are 2 that were at the top of my list. One was a stitching and markmarking class taught by Ilze Aviks - but there might have been a little too much hand sewing for my liking (actually I am lucky to do machine sewing these days) and the other that I think I really would have enjoyed was a felting class taught by Lisa Klakulak. They did some amazing things. If you ever have a chance to take her class you will not regret it. Sorry I don't have any pictures of either class but go to their web sites and you can get an idea of what they did. I did spend time in Ilze's class bringing messages from the office. I volunteered to help out in the office when they needed to take a break or needed someone to run to the classes to deliver messages. It was truly a great week.

NCSW 2 - 4

There were 2 clay workshops. One was using the wheel taught by Julia Galloway and the other was slab work with Marc Leuthold. The pictures are from the slab workshop since it was also below Bob's class room and I could get some pictures without disturbing the class. Julia's web site is and Marc's is