December 16, 2009

Class examples

If you are taking a class from Bob and the class list calls for: 4 fabric sandwiches 18 x 18: top white, middle a thin batting, bottom black. On two use the white side and layer 2 1/2 inch to 3 inch strips of solid colors (hand dyed or store bought) on the other two use the black as the top and layer 2 inch strips of solids and small prints that read close to solid. On one of the strips you can use a bold print if you have one in your stash just to see how it looks. Add Image Look at the picture below:

Then the list might say: · 4 - three inch squares in each of the following colors: 4 warm, 4 cool, and 4 neutral. See the example to the left. They can be your favorite warm, cool, and neutral. You will be doing exercises that require the squares to be affixed to a fabric sandwich. They can be attached with “wonder under” or spray adhesive.

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